Transmission Replacement in Austin, Round Rock & Cedar Park

If you suspect your transmission is on its “last legs” and your vehicle may need a transmission replacement in Austin, you need to take your vehicle A Plus Transmission Specialists®. Here at A Plus Transmission Specialists® Austin, transmissions are all we do! We’ll run a full diagnostic and electronic check up and let you know if you actually need a transmission replacement, or if the problems can simply be repaired. We’ve learned from our many years in business that a whopping 70% of the time a transmission replacement is not needed, the problems can simply be repaired at our shop in Austin. However, if your car or truck does require a transmission replacement, we’d like to share a few reasons you need to come to us and not some random auto shop who doesn’t even specialize in transmissions!

Transmission Replacement

With every transmission replacement by A Plus Transmission Specialists®, we ensure:

  • Individual relationships
  • Friendly local environment
  • Local parts and service
  • Nationwide warranties
  • 24-48-hour usual turnaround time
  • Excellent customer service
  • 100% parts & labor warranty

Our Transmission Replacement Specialists Perform to a Higher Standard

At A Plus Transmissions® Austin – we perform to a different standard. We work hard to not only get you back on the road fast, but are committed to handling your transmission replacement job with integrity and honesty. We’ve heard too many horror stories of transmission repair shops that over inflate prices or take advantage of people who are in a bind when their transmission breaks down. With over 30 years of wowing customers, you have our word that your transmission replacement with A Plus Transmission Specialists® Austin will be a good experience.


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