Robert A. didn’t know he would need a transmission repair when he was driving his Toyota 4Runner to his buddy’s rental house on Lake Travis. His SUV was packed full of gear for a weekend at the lake with the guys and on the way he stopped at a store to fill up the cooler with ice and beer. When he got back on the road his 4Runner made a loud revving sound like he was still in neutral gear, then it jerked forward and started to drive normally. It happened again when he came to stop at a light, the SUV seemed like it was slipping out of 1st gear into neutral when coming to a stop. He pulled over into a parking lot and put it in park to see if it did it again, low and behold the SUV didn’t correctly shift into 1st gear when going from park to drive. Robert knew he was going to need a transmission repair, and soon! But he also knew he could avoid driving for the rest of the weekend, so he tried not to think about it.

He made it back home from the lake on Sunday night, but the ride had been jarring and he wondered if he would even make it in to work on Monday morning. First thing in the morning Robert called several Austin transmission repair shops and is surprised at the unfriendly customer service on the phone, it turned him off enough to not bring his SUV to them. His next call went much better, Robert called us at A Plus Transmission Austin and heard a friendly voice who told him about their free diagnostic checkup and assured him they could figure out the problem and get it fixed quickly. He brought the 4Runner in on his lunch hour and had a coworker drive him back to work.

We took the SUV for a test drive and did our free 22 Point Transmission Performance Diagnosis and Electronic Scan. We found that Robert’s SUV badly needed a fluid change and that the bigger problem was that there was a faulty throttle sensor that was causing his shifting problems. We called Robert and explained in detail what transmission repairs needed to be done and got his authorization to complete the work. We did the transmission repair work on the sensor that day and did the fluid change first thing the next morning. Robert came in to pick up the car after work on Tuesday and was very happy with his experience. He called us a month later to tell us that his 4Runner has been riding smoothly ever since and if he ever needs another transmission repair in Austin, he wouldn’t hesitate to take it to us.


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