Paul C. has been driving his Ford F250 for so many years he’s almost lost count. Over the years he’s had to repair lots of things, big and small. He was diligent about doing his own maintenance regularly and proud of his handiwork. But when his truck started acting up, he knew immediately he was going to need a transmission repair performed by a professional. Paul is a self-professed “gear head” and enjoys learning about all the ins and outs of what makes his truck run. So when he brought the F250 in to our transmission repair shop in South Austin, he already had a good idea of what was wrong with it.

We took the truck for a test drive and did our free 22 Point Transmission Performance Diagnosis and Electronic Scan. We found several transmission problems that needed to be addressed immediately. Paul was relieved to hear that his truck’s transmission wasn’t in need of a rebuild or replacement; we knew we could complete his transmission repairs and extend the life of his transmission. We explained in detail what transmission repairs needed to be done and got his authorization to complete the work. It took us a few days, but once it was time for Paul to come pick up his truck our technicians were confident the transmission repairs were the right fix. Paul took his truck for a test drive and came back with a big smile on his face. He was a satisfied customer; he even said the ride in his F250 hadn’t been so smooth in months.


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